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Deliberate Practice Webinars

Deliberate Practice book
Deliberate Practice for Building Therapist Capacity 
A 90 minute webinar
Time: 1pm Eastern Standard Time  (UTC-4)
Date: June 20th 
Cost: $29

To register, please email me at

How do the good become great? Practice! From musicians to athletes to surgeons to chess masters, professionals rely on Deliberate Practice to achieve expertise. This webinar will teach you how to use Deliberate Practice to dramatically improve the efficiency of your professional development, including: 
  • Learn what Deliberate Practice is and how it can optimize your clinical effectiveness.
  • Use Deliberate Practice to build your psychological/emotional capacity to use advanced clinical skills 
  • Master the "Inner Game" by self-compassionately working on your psychological/emotional blocks to clinical skill development
  • Integrate Deliberate Practice into your clinical supervision and training
  • Use Deliberate Practice to grow past your personal “clinical glass ceiling”
This webinar is open all therapists, at every level of training, who work in any therapeutic model. Deliberate Practice is a trans-theoretical model of training.

“An ounce of practice is worth more than a ton of preaching.”


To register, please email me at

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Do you ever feel like your knowledge of psychotherapy theory and clinical skills outpaces your ability to actually work with real clients? If so, you are not alone! In my clinical training, I frequently noticed that, while I was learning a lot about theory, I wasn't able to actually use the theory with many clients. Despite having great supervisors, I repeatedly found myself stuck with certain cases. (Particularly cases that sparked my countertransference.) Over time, I noticed that I had psychological/emotional blocks that were creating a "clinical glass ceiling" that limited my clinical effectiveness. Drawing from the pioneering work of Jon Frederickson, Scott Miller, and others, I've developed a method for using Deliberate Practice to develop the psychological/emotional capacity of the therapist, so we can more fully use the theory we have learned.

This webinar is based on the book Deliberate Practice for Psychotherapists and the edited volume The Cycle of Excellence: Using Deliberate Practice to Improve Supervision and Training (Edited by Tony Rousmaniere, Rod Goodyear, Scott Miller, & Bruce Wampold; Wiley Publishers).  

Feedback from previous students:
"The depth of learning was truly remarkable in part due to the focus on developing our individual practice between sessions. Tony's warmth and thoughtfulness guided each of us on a unique journey, allowing us to bear the reality of our struggle with and yearning for learning and development. Personally, this course has enabled me to become more effective and authentic as a clinician, it has been a wonderful gift to myself and my clients!"

"I'd expected a dry class, focusing on behavioral aspects of implementing deliberate practice. Instead, I found an inroad to the unconscious. Thank you for introducing us to a process that builds capacity. You were a great teacher, freely talking about your experiences, which helped create a safe group."

"The support to put our self criticism to one side was fabulous. It was a remarkable opportunity to do this without it getting too deeply personal. The experience was personal and quite profound at times. It was warm and connected, therapeutic and enabling change, but was not therapy."

Please note that no CEUs are available for this webinar.  For more information, please email