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Scott Miller interview

Tony Rousmaniere Interview on Shrink Rap Radio

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Deliberate Practice for Professionals 

"Candid, bold, challenging, and constantly tied to clinical reality, this engrossing and innovative book offers creative insights and valuable tools to help clinicians become more effective, irrespective of their theoretical orientation and level of experience.—Louis Castonguay, PhD, past-president of the Society for Psychotherapy Research

"In this remarkable book, Tony Rousmaniere combines a masterful command of the research literature with a brave, honest, and compelling account of his own struggles and growth as a clinician. This book challenges and inspires the reader to strive to be a better therapist, and provides practical suggestions for how to do so. It has already impacted how I practice and how I supervise."Catherine F. Eubanks, PhD, President-Elect, Society for the Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration (SEPI)

"an essential guide for therapists for using DP to increase their expertise.”—Rodney Goodyear, PhD, past-president of the Society for Advancement of Psychotherapy  

“provides incredibly important information for trainees, practitioners, and supervisors across all levels of experience.”—Mark J. Hilsenroth, PhD, editor of the journal Psychotherapy

"In clear and entertaining fashion, Tony Rousmaniere reviews the latest research and lays out the steps for using deliberate practice to foster continuous professional development.”—Scott D. Miller, PhD, co-developer of Feedback Informed Treatment

"This book deals with an underdeveloped field of psychotherapy research, therapist development, in a very unique manner and both very personal and self-disclosing but also related to research evidence. Tony Rousmaniere explains the paths to competence and expertise as a therapist with all its ups and downs using a broad perspective and attracts trainees - and this is specifically striking – to learn from many other fields such as medicine and even the performing arts. This book provides an extremely valuable contribution to the field!” - Bernhard Strauss, PhD, past-president of the Society for Psychotherapy Research

“An absolute must-read for any aspiring psychotherapist!” — Stan Tatkin, PsyD, MFT, developer of PACT

"This book has important potential. Like Yalom, the book will benefit therapists in training, as well as professional therapists. The first person account is compelling. Deliberate Practice may be a beneficial “disruption” to traditional psychotherapy training." - Nick Ladany, PhD, Dean, UC San Diego School of Leadership and Education Sciences

Cycle of Excellence

Editors: Tony Rousmaniere, Rodney Goodyear, Scott D. Miller, & Bruce Wampold.  Wiley Publishers.  

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Interview with Alexandre Vaz for the Society for the Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration (SEPI):

Alexandre Vaz SEPI Interview

The full hour-long Shrink Rap Radio interview:

Tony Rousmaniere Full Shrink Rap Radio Interview

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  • I am available to give presentations on Deliberate Practice, Clinical Supervision, and related topics.  Please see my list of upcoming workshops.

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Tony Rousmaniere at CAMFT
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