I am available to give workshops and presentations on Deliberate Practice, Clinical Supervision, and related topics.  Please contact me if you would like to inquire about an event, or sign up for my email list to be notified of future trainings.  

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Feedback from previous students:
"This is a must-do training!! My take-away from this experiential workshop was deeply transforming. The focus on the therapist's "capacity" to tolerate countertransference activations was very helpful and my experience of role-playing my client offered me much deeper awareness, acceptance and self compassion about my countertransference blind spots. The experiential exercises enhanced tremendously my ability to stay present within myself despite countertransference distress & activation. This is the most direct & effective approach I have ever learned in dealing with countertransference activation 'in the present moment'."

"The depth of learning was truly remarkable in part due to the focus on developing our individual practice between sessions. Tony's warmth and thoughtfulness guided each of us on a unique journey, allowing us to bear the reality of our struggle with and yearning for learning and development. Personally, this course has enabled me to become more effective and authentic as a clinician, it has been a wonderful gift to myself and my clients!"

"I'd expected a dry class, focusing on behavioral aspects of implementing deliberate practice. Instead, I found an inroad to the unconscious. Thank you for introducing us to a process that builds capacity. You were a great teacher, freely talking about your experiences, which helped create a safe group."

"The support to put our self criticism to one side was fabulous. It was a remarkable opportunity to do this without it getting too deeply personal. The experience was personal and quite profound at times. It was warm and connected, therapeutic and enabling change, but was not therapy."